The Portable A.I. Barn is the result of our need for such a facility and years of building, using and improving these barns. Our first one was built in 1980 for use in our ABS business as well as our own herd. Two sons needed such a barn and so improvements and corrections were made. For two years we manufactured in our home shop and sold barns to other ABS Reps.

We feel there is a need for these portable facilities and have contracted the work to local businesses, resulting in the newest version. We are proud to promote the sale of these facilities. The safety of the inseminators and technicians and the ease in handing of the breeding stock will be a great asset to your A.I. and embryo transfer business.

These are excellent units and work equally well for artificial insemination, embryo transfer and pregnancy testing either manually or with ultrasound.

We now have breeding units in 31 states, Australia, Canada, and Russia. We try to have standard units ready and will create a custom design for your business.