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Portable Barns
Stationary Box
Here are just a few testimonials from our satisifed customers!
1 Stall Long Box
     We have been very pleased with the 1 stall breeding box we purchased from you. Seems you've thought of everything as it is very functional.
~ Ed and Linda Buman
Harlan, Iowa
Short Box
     Cattle go in well, stand calm. Does just what it is supposed to do. We like it.
~ Bill Hilton
Buffalo, Wyoming
Short Box
     My conception rates when up 15%. We would not be without one. It works.
~ Mark Anderson
Boeuf Creek Angus
New Haven, Missouri
3 Stall Box better than we thought it would!
~ Henry Gardiner
Gardiner Angus Ranch
Ashland, Kansas
     For anybody who is serious about an A.I. program, Large's Breeding Boxes are a must! Marvin has devoted a tremendous amount of time and attention to details that take the "work" out of breeding cows. It's obvious that these boxes were designed by a person who has bred large numbers of cows!
~ Patsy Houghton
Heartland Cattle Company
McCook, Nebraska
     Ease of getting cows into the box, convenience and safety of technicians, plus conception rates are definitely increased with these units. They work very well.
~ Dr. Gray
Cross Country Genetics
Westmoreland, Kansas
     Once you use one you won't go back to anything else. A good investment. Works great.
~ Ron Gomes
Stevinson, California
     I get compliments on the barn from everyone who has seen it or used it ...
~ Wayne Eatinger
Thedford, Nebraska
     Should have purchased one sooner. The ease of moving the cattle through and convenience and safety of technicians was great.
~ Mark Nieslanik
Ty Bar Angus Ranch
Carbondale, Colorado
     Large or small herds, heifers or cows, it makes projects safer and faster. In bad weather, it makes textbook semen handling and personal comfort possible.
~ Spencer Roberts
Fredricksberg, West Virgina
     The Large's Portable A.I. Barn is without a doubt the safest and best A.I. facility I have ever used. Stress and risk of injury are dramatically reduced for both the inseminator and the cattle. We inseminate several thousand cows and heifers each year and the barn has been a great asset to our business.
~ Randy Hill
Select Sires
Logan, Utah
     The cattle enter and stand very quiet. Technicians like to work in it. I am very satisfied with my 2 stall barn.
~ Donald Nordy
Band Land Genetics
Amedon, North Dakota